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Gingermint will support you from pregnancy through postpartum with an emphasis on the importance of one hour uninterrupted skin to skin regardless of how you deliver your baby.

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I had a scheduled c-section and was told I wouldn't get to hold my baby until I got to recovery. I used the wrap Gingermint created and my OB gave me the opportunity to hold my baby skin to skin while still on the operating table! I am forever grateful for this experience!

first time c-section mom

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the tools to get ready for a pregnancy! We just had our 10 week ultrasound and we have a healthy growing baby!

Satisfied Customer

The things I didn't know I needed, when I needed them most.

Thanks Gingermint!

Ashley Green

My labor did not go as planned, but the information I learned from Gingermint before I went into labor, lessened the information overload that came with an unexpected cesarean section. Thank you so much for alleviating some of my fears!

Sam new mom

I could not stop crying when I was told I had to have c-section. I was afraid for so many reasons but I had incredible sadness about not doing skin to skin. But Gingermint gave me the opportunity to used their wrap and my OB let me keep my baby in the operating room! Thank you thank you!!!

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