Due date fact -

It’s true. You calculated due date, based on the first day of your last menstrual period or by ultrasound, is merely a guess when your baby will arrive. In fact, the likelihood of delivering on your due date is less than 10%.

Knowing the due date IS important though! Date sensitive tests to ensure baby’s health, are conducted in relation to the due date.

Some Testing examples include Down Syndrome during first trimester and brain and spinal cord defects during the second trimester.
If your thoughts are, “These tests are only done so abortion is an option.” You’re right and wrong.

For those who do not wish to continue a pregnancy due to congenital anomalies, dating allows for timely informed decisions to be made. If the option for termination will not be effected by birth defects, it allows the provider to be better prepared at delivery if a specific diagnosis is expected.

So sit down buckle up and enjoy your pregnancy ride. And when your due date comes and goes, remember this is the norm.. you aren’t alone