Dr. Jen Ashton, TV medical correspondent and board certified OB-GYN, was on @livekellyandryanyesterday speaking on this topic. She states the 20’s are the time to begin thinking about fertility and perhaps take a proactive approach to fertility/infertility.

A quick google search revealed IVF, or in-vitro fertilization an infertility treatment considered when fertility medications, surgery and artificial insemination have failed, runs between $30,000-$50,000
Where the cost of egg freezing ranges from

Egg freezing does not guarantee a healthy pregnancy but studies indicate that the age of the mother when the eggs are retrieved and frozen, have an increased rate of success compared to eggs retrieved after 35 years old.

I think it bears reminding, infertility issues are not just an “egg-age” issue. Men can suffer and contribute to the frustration and disappointment of the inability to conceive naturally.

Dr. Ashton mentions that the cost of egg freezing has significantly declined making the option a possibility for some women.

Is it worth it to spend up to $16,000, for something you may not need? Is it worth it to take a chance on not only the significant cost of IVF, but the physical and emotional demands that accompany this treatment?

An interesting dilemma that’s worth researching for sure.