Let’s set the record straight.

  • The average time from actively trying to become pregnant and conception is closer to 6-12 months. This time frame is normal fertility.
  • Oral contraceptives do not delay fertility. In fact most women conceive by the one year mark. A study of over 14,000 women concluded that the conception rate was 83% by the first year. (See case study link below). The delay in conception after long term use of oral contraceptives has more to do with the age of the couple when the decision to conceive is made.
  • There is inconsistent data linking fertility to orgasm. The research that claim orgasm to be helpful are weak with small samplings used for study. The consensus of most practitioners is pregnancy can occur without the female orgasm.
  • So how can you get pregnant on your period when your period signifies that the implantation of the egg and sperm did not occur?
  • If your periods are irregular it is more difficult to predict ovulation and remembering that sperm can live for several days, if you have sex on your period and your egg is released within 3-5 days after, you can get pregnant.

When you’re not actively trying to conceive, use a contraceptive EVERY SINGLE TIME.