Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding? Can you breastfeed while pregnant?

Yes, to both!

It is true, that consistently breastfeeding your baby can delay ovulation but this is NOT a reliable method of birth control. Why? Although it can be up to 99% effective with 6-8 breast-feedings per day, if baby’s feedings decrease in time or frequency, ovulation can occur. The decrease may be subtle and you may not notice. To ensure pregnancy does not occur, if no plan is in place, be sure to discuss birth control options with your provider during your first postpartum visit.

As your estimated delivery date approaches and it is considered safe to deliver your baby (usually 39 weeks or greater), your provider may inform you nipple stimulation can help start labor. So then can breastfeeding prior to 39 weeks cause preterm labor? If the pregnancy is low risk, breastfeeding will not likely initiate preterm labor. Being evaluated by your provider will ensure that you and your baby’s receive the best care for your particular situation.