Drink water all day💦✨
The recommendation is 64-96oz a day.

  1. Drink BEFORE your thirsty- if you wait, you’re already dehydrated.
  2. Add lemon or cucumber if you’re not a fan of plain water.
  3. To get it down fast, drink room temperature water but whatever you like best is great.
  4. Carry a large water bottle wherever you go and make it your goal to finish it.
  5. Stop drinking after 6pm to avoid getting up too many times at night.

If you’re suffering from morning sickness, drink fluids 30 min AFTER you eat to prevent making nausea worse.

IMPORTANT: It’s better to take in less water than to vomit.

Frequent trips to the bathroom is a frustrating symptom of pregnancy so keep this in mind when you chug water.

Why so much?

  1. Being dehydrated irritates the uterus and can cause contractions
  2. Prevents constipation-helps keep stool soft
  3. Prevents hemorrhoids-helps dissolve waste moving it through your system easier
  4. Prevents UTI’s-helps flush kidneys
  5. Helps avoid overheating
  6. Fights fatigue by preventing dehydration