The MOST important thing to do right after delivery is skin to skin. Uninterrupted skin to skin with mom is ideal but if health doesn’t allow, the partner is encouraged to do it.


The benefits of skin to skin are abundant!

  1. Stabilizes body temperature
  2. Regulates blood sugar
  3. Improves heart and lung function
  4. Reduces crying
  5. Reliefs pain
  6. Promotes breastfeeding

Bonding, Bonding, Bonding!!!

Most hospitals have adopted the Golden Hour (one hour of uninterrupted skin to skin) Aside from evaluating the APGAR score and vital signs, if both mom and baby are healthy, it is your right to have your baby with you, on you, without interruption, for 1 full hour.

After that first hour is up, baby is assessed from head to toe, measured and weighed, and medications are administered. Some hospitals have deferred the newborn bath until after baby goes home. A February 2020 study by NIH (National Library of Medicine) concluded delaying the bath for at least 24 hours decreased the incidence of hypothermia (cold baby), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and led to increased breastfeeding.

You can request the bath or you can delay the bath, the choice is always yours. We’re here to provide you the best information to help make your decision.