VBAC-Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

TOLAC- Trial of Labor After Cesarean

When you are deciding on a provider or practice for your pregnancy and delivery, it’s important to first know their average c-section rate. Though many factors can determine an OB’s decision to perform major abdominal surgery as the best option for a safe birth, The World Health Organization states the rate of c-sections in the United States should be between 10-15%. Keeping this number in mind, if the hospital/provider you choose is much higher than this, you should begin asking questions as to why this is the case.

With that said, having had a cesarean section does not necessarily mean your future children can not be delivered vaginally. Again, the importance of understanding your particular situation is pertinent in deciding whether to have a repeat c-section or to VBAC.

Do not be afraid to question your provider and if you are not 💯 comfortable with their answer, seek a second opinion.