5 reasons your provider may want to induce labor

Although there may be other reasons, these are the most common reasons:
  1. If you are past your due date your provider may want to induce your around 42 weeks.
  2. A medical condition that makes sustaining the pregnancy unsafe for mom and/or baby. Some examples include diabetes, high blood pressure (preeclampsia), low amniotic fluid and placental problems.
  3. Any baby condition that makes it safer on to be on the outside than staying pregnant.
  4. Your water broke but contractions have not yet started.
  5. Your home is far enough from the hospital that if spontaneous labor occurs, delivery may occur before arrival.
Some of these situations are known prior to a term pregnancy and some may develop or be discovered toward the end of pregnancy. Try to keep EVERY prenatal appointment to ensure mom and baby are/stay well.

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