So many women come in for an induction and after the induction method has been decided and discussed the patient asks me,

“Will I have my baby today?”

My quick response is typically,
“Probably not today.”

But when they ask

🛑I realize a better explanation needs to be had.

For whatever reason (valid or invalid) your provider has scheduled you for induction, the truth is, your body is not ready and we are going to try to change its mind.
This is why it can take so long.

Now not all inductions last 4 days, especially if you’ve had a previous vaginal delivery, your cervix has started to open and/or has begun to thin out. But a cervix that is thick and closed takes more work and time to dilate.

An medical induction of labor means it is safer (for mom and/or baby) to deliver baby sooner rather than waiting for the body to naturally make that decision.

An induction of labor should not be taken lightly because failed inductions result in a c-section, which very well may be they safest option for you and/or your baby.

So when weighing the pros and cons of induction with your provider, make sure having a c-section is on the pro side of your list based on your indication for induction.

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