There is so much pressure to breastfeed that when it doesn’t work, and sometimes it just doesn’t, women are made to feel as if they have failed. This is wrong.

There are many reasons moms choose not to breastfeed.

Let’s first talk about mental health:

  • Moms mental health is the number one MOST important part of her relationship with her baby. Breastfeeding while compromising the mind is UNHEALTHY and DANGEROUS for both mom and baby. Show mom support by praising her when the decision is made not to breastfeed because it does not work for HER.
  • Women with severe medical conditions like heart failure and severe anemia are instructed NOT to breastfeed.
  • Medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and hypothyroidism and breast surgeries causes true low milk supply.
  • Babies with structural facial differences causing poor latch and/ or poor sucking reflex can make sustainable breastfeeding impossible. The list for both mom and baby go on. These and other causes that inhibit breastfeeding are of no concern for anyone but the mama.
  • More importantly aside from medical, structural or mental inhibitors, breastfeeding is 💯 a personal choice. A fed baby is a thriving baby. Why should that be questioned? All mothers work hard to do their very best for their baby’s and not a single person is entitled to judge that.
Instead we should acknowledge, appreciate and be grateful moms have options!

The next time you think to ask, “Are you breastfeeding your baby?” Instead try “How is the baby doing with feedings?”