Your breasts were made to feed your baby

New moms say this to me ALL THE TIME. As they learn to feed their newborn I hear,

“I don’t think I have any milk.”
“I don’t have enough milk.”
“My baby isn’t getting enough.”
And this is usually only 1-2 days after they deliver.

The first milk that comes out is called colostrum. This is a yellow creamy milk that can be seen leaking from the breasts as early as the 5th month of pregnancy. The amount that can be squeezed, pumped or sucked out is a small amount because the size of a newborn stomach is very small, about the size of a walnut. They don’t need much but they need to nurse frequently. While every baby is different, most mamas feel like the first few days they are breastfeeding constantly. Because they are. Each time baby breastfeeds they are signaling the breasts to produce more making the early frequent feedings very important.

As baby grows and needs more nutrition, the breasts adapt and produce more.

Breasts were designed to feed your baby. Trust that they’ll do their job until they tell you otherwise.