Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy

Let's distinguish spotting vs bleeding:

➡️Spotting- usually brown or dark red, amount can be contained in a pantyliner.
🛑Bleeding-bright red, amount can be little to heavy.

Common reasons for spotting:

➡️Implantation- occurs when the embryo implants to the uterine wall which occurs 6-12 days after conception. Pink to brown spotting can be seen as a result.

➡️Sex- sensitive cervix responds more to even light touch causing light bleeding or spotting

➡️Vaginal exam- an increased sensitivity can be easily affected causing light bleeding or spotting which is expected 1-2 days after an exam.

Common causes of bleeding:

🛑Miscarriage- heavy bleeding, clots and or tissue along with severe abdominal cramping

🛑Placenta Previa- occurs when the placenta is covering the cervical opening from the inside of the uterus, can have heavy bleeding that may lead to bed rest.

🛑Preterm labor- occurs between 20 to 37 weeks and manifests as cramping and bleeding caused by cervical dilation.

🛑Uterine rupture- a tear in the uterus. Symptoms include sever abdominal pain and heavy or no immediate visible bleeding.

Any bright red bleeding should be reported to your provider especially accompanied by pain.